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iSky VSAT Trailer


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Outback and Remote Area Internet
Fully Self Contained
  • Australian Designed. Australian Made
  • Software Locally Written & Updated
  • Local Support
Connecting Office to Remote Worksite
Optional Solar Upgrade (powering night and day)
Isolated Broadband Internet & Telephony

Fully Integrated Ruggedised Trailer with VSAT / Modem / Wi-Fi

All Models Have Modified Suspension for Soft Ride and Exceptional Handling. Mine Spec Options Available including BMA Approved Site and Field Use Type.
Easy To Use Quota Manager for Satellite Time & Data Sharing Among Users
Ventilated Electronics Housing With Rack Mounted Equipment on Vibration Isolators & Temperature Sensors with EMAIL Alerts.
Used by Mining, Government and Civil Sectors

Long Range Secure Wi-Fi Broadcasts

Optional Solar Operation (day/night)

Remote Teams Smart Phones Work

Trailer includes iSky Corporate VSAT, Powerful Transmitter, Dual Band Wi-Fi with Long Range Wi-Fi Antennas, Dust/Weatherproof Equipment Housing, Optional Solar System, Single and Dual Battery Arrangement (depending if Solar option chosen), Optional Mine Spec’d Fit-Out (contact us for details), no 240V wiring – all DC powered, GPS Tracking Standard (reports back LAT/LONG of the Vehicle for Internal OPS and as Anti-theft Device), Battery Backup (standard), Australian Business. ** PLEASE NOTE Product and Specification May Change as The Asset Evolves **

VSAT Trailer (no solar) from $40,000 ex GST
VSAT Trailer (solar option) from $55,000 ex GST
VSAT Trailer (mine spec) > Contact Us For Options & Pricing
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