No more working blind guessing which satellite you’ve aligned the dish to. Our new SF4000 Digital Satellite Meter will ONLY identify the set Satellite (default C1/D3).

As you perform the Alignment the meter will beep as you sweep past the correct satellite your aiming for and ignore all the others. It is pre-programmed by us for the new VAST service.

Accordingly it will identify the older Optus Aurora services as well as your PayTV, just as easily. Designed for the novice as well as the professional, this meter has many of the features of meters costing 1000’s of dollar. It is now supplied as standard with the VANSAT product.
Our slogan for this meter is quite simply….

The SF4000 operates off the power from the LNB cable and Decoder and does not require a battery pack.

For those of you wanting to have a “play” with the more advanced features of this professional meter we have included this AC Adapter to allow you power the SF4000 from 240V separate to a dish and decoder.

SIDE NOTE – The SF4000 is fully DVB-S and DVB-S2 compatible. We have been contacted by people asking if the SF4000 satellite finder is related to the SF3239 satellite finder sold elsewhere. Not having seen an SF3239 satellite finder we couldn’t comment whether it was based on this meter or not. Our meter is the SF4000.