OPTUS D2 - 152°
This satellite exhibits excellent signal strength right across Australia. Its coverage is predominantly more powerful around the capital cities but levels can also be quite acceptable in more remote areas. The VANSAT System will be able to receive reception of this satellite easily in many locations.

OPTUS C1/D3          OPTUS D2          OPTUS D1          INTELSAT 8          ASIASAT 4          NSS 6          INTELSAT 701
 RUSSIA TODAY Russian General Interest 
 EWTN Global Catholic TV 
 DUNA TV - Hungarian TV 
 AGHAPY TV Coptic Orthodox Church TV 
 PRESS TV Iran-based News Network 
 ALFORAT Iraqi Television 
 INSPIRATION Religious Television 
 ERT Greek Television 
 KURDISTAN TV General Interest Kurdish TV 
 SUPREME MASTER TV General Interest TV 
 AON Apostolic TV 
 TVRI - General Interest Romanian TV 
 DAYSTAR - Christian TV 
 DMC - Buddhist Religion Channel 
 SMILE OF A CHILD - Christian Children's Channel 
 TGN - General Interest Thai TV 
 3ABN - Christian TV 
 OMAN TV - General Interest Arabic TV 
 ABU DHABI - General Interest United Arab Emirates TV 
 HOPE CHANNEL - Christian TV 
 TRT INTERNATIONAL - General Interest Turkish TV 
 TRINITY - Christian TV 
 JCTV - Christian Youth TV 
 GOD TV - Christian TV 
 BVN - General Interest Dutch TV 
 CHURCH TV - Multi-Denominational Religious TV 
 KURDSAT - General Interest Kurdish TV 
 KTV - General Interest Kurdish TV 
 ITN - Italian TV 
 AL HAYAT - Arabic Religious TV 
 CGN - Korean Christian TV 
 ABU DHABI - Arabic TV 
 NHK WORLD TV - Japanese TV 
 NHK WORLD TV 2 - Japanese TV 
 DEEPAM - Indian Tamil TV 
 SCVT - Satellite Community TV 

OPTUS C1/D3          OPTUS D2          OPTUS D1          INTELSAT 8          ASIASAT 4          NSS 6          INTELSAT 701

Aardvark Electronics ( the producers of the VANSAT system ) are in no way responsible for service availability or faults outside of the VANSAT system that may prevent reception now or in the future. This includes failure of the service satellites or changes to the transmission system that require hardware/software changes to the VANSAT product. Our Guarantee of Reception is limited to only the OPTUS C1/D3 Satellite. The services checked on the above satellite were free to receive at the date of testing but this may change in the future and is beyond the control of Aardvark Electronics.


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