Type 1: 12V/240V VAST HD Decoder

Standard Decoder for reception of the channels HERE

Full specs on the UEC DSD4121RV can be viewed HERE

Price $299

Type 2: 12V/24V/240V VAST HD Decoder

Get the standard VAST decoder (as above) but upgraded by our engineers to operate at 12V, 24V and 240V. This upgrade includes a cigarette lead for connection to 12v.

You WON'T find another 12V/24V VAST Decoder anywhere on the market because they simply don't exist. We have been designing and retrofitting 12V/24V systems to decoders for nearly a decade and our systems are renown for their ongoing reliability even years down the track.

Full specs on the UEC DSD4121 can be viewed HERE
(just bear in mind of course that YOUR decoder will be 12V/24V/240V!!)

Price $498

Type 3: VAST PVR Module
(for use with the Bluestar Automatic System Only)

Looking to purchase our BLUESTAR Automatic Satellite System and don't want to have to carry around a separate VAST decoder? Introducing our new VAST PVR Module Upgrade.

This upgrade converts the dish control unit (below) to an integrated fully functional VAST Decoder with PVR Recording. Recordings can be made via a USB Stick or USB Hard Drive.

Note this upgrade module is ONLY available in the initial order. It is prefitted to the Dish Controller (shown below). It is not available for purchase as a seperate item on its own. The dish control unit is not a domestic DTH (direct to home) decoder and cannot be use as such. It is a mobile receiving unit that also has the ability to be racked mounted in your vehicle (contact us for information). Conditions governing the use of the module can be viewed HERE

Price $399
(added to the Bluestar System Price)

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